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About PlanMaster

PlanMaster is an intelligent software for dentists, which provide a whole new dimension in dentistry and improves the communication between doctors and patients. Minimizes administration duties while maximizes the efficiency of your surgery by its easy-to-learn patient managing system, built-in automated sales & billing solutions and our exclusive treatment planning editor.

Patient registry
and much more.

Fully personalized 3D animations and treatment plans, automated sales, billing and client managing solutions, X-ray diagnostics support wrapped in the simplest patient managing system

Simple, secure patient registry.

PlanMaster is not only easier to use than other registries but by providing intelligent solutions reduces administration tasks and maximize surgery efficiency at the same time.

Automatizált betegnyilvántartó rendszer

Entirely customized personal 3D animations for your clients.

PlanMaster is making a 3D patient managing plan which guide the client through the treatment step by step and in detail to be easy to understand by anyone. Conclusion: your consulting and plan acceptance will be much more smooth.

100%-ban betegre szabott 3D animációk

All data and image in one place.

PlanMaster storing all information (notes, ailment history, x-rays, appointments, treatments, photos, bills) in one place for you.

Minden adat, kép egy helyen

Virtual assistant 24/7

PlanMaster sends email and SMS notifications to your patients ensuring they keep in mind their appointments and controls.

Virtuális asszisztens a nap 24 órájában

X-ray enhancement

PlanMaster is not only storing information and images but it can improve the quality of X-rays as well.


Treatment plan at a click

PlanMaster makes it simple to construct the personal treatmen plan including the price offer as well. The structure of these plans are very straightforward so your patients will easily understand them.

Kezelési terv egy kattintással

Everywhere and whenever,
without installation.

PlanMaster is a cloud based application so you can access needed data "everywhere and whenever" from smartphones, tablets or personal computers. You don't have to worry about data-loss according to computer failures and breakdowns.

iMac Illustration

Personal computer...

Extremely simple and easy-to-use patient registry,
full range document handling.

iPad Illustration


Presentate the treatments with animations or have the patients fill the needed forms in the waiting room which will immediately appear in the application.

iPhone Illustration


Reserve appointments for your cliens rapidly or take photos which will be automatically uploaded and attached to the clients document.

Since I started to use PlanMaster3D I am able to explpain the treatments towards clients in less time. Handling them is easier and surprisingly my work progress is accelerated. I can only suggest using it for every collegue.

Dr. Zöld Gábor
Teeth and mouth disease specialist


We are not believing in charging our clients for every new function or "module". We provide the whole functionality for you! What's more, we are developing PlanMaster continuously to ensure you are using the freshest and most modern system.

PlanMaster subscription

HUF 24 990/hó
  • max. 2 chairs
  • max. 4 users
  • email and phone support
  • 2 months free if you subscribe for a year!


Additionally users

HUF 7 990/hó
  • +1 chair
  • +2 users
  • in addition for the main pack only


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